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Prophet TB. Joshua, Is he  From Above?


The first time I came in contact with Prophet TB. Joshua was in 1995, through his weekly television programme on the local NTA television network channel. What intrigued me the most was the incredible miracles that was performed in his Church service? Is this real or just a magical feat, I often wondered? The aura around him was too much for the ordinary Christian to understand, so one was caught between not watching the television broadcast and missing out, and at same time watching it with a critical mind set. There was no way one could balance the equation. 


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Prophet TB. Joshua, Is he  From Above?






The number of Europeans and Americans that flocked to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria at its early years, further mystified the operations of the church and TB Joshua as a true man of God! My question then was what magic or powers could be so effective so as to bring Europeans from their cosy homes to Nigeria, a country branded as a nation of scammers. What was this thing they saw which we were critical of and didn’t see? My spirit was troubled about this Prophet TB Joshua and his demonstration of incredible miracles. As a new born again Christian then, most of the casting and binding songs we were taught to sing included TB Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations. He was placed in the same league as Olumba Olumba Obu of Cross River State. For many years, this attack on the prophet and the Church continued unabated from all the fellowships in Nigeria. The attack became pronounced when Pastor Chris Okotie  of the  Household Of God Church, accused the Synagogue as being the one spoken about in Revelation 2:9, because of the eye popping miracles displayed by the Prophet.


In 1998, I relocated to Abuja, the Capital city of Nigeria, where God Almighty assigned me to as an Evangelist. In 2007, I was opportuned to buy a satellite receiver with plenty of free to air Christian channels. Following the ban of Christian programmes showing miracles on local television stations, most of the Nigerian churches transferred their broadcast to satellite channels. TB Joshua’s channel called Emmanuel Television became the voice and vision of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, for those interested in knowing about the ministry. Initially, when I tuned to Emmanuel Television and heard the Prophet preaching, I was  moved by the depth of the message. So as not to get attached to the Channel, I tuned to another channel. That same night, I told my wife that we should pray and ask Almighty God to reveal TB Joshua and SCOAN to us, before we can continue watching that channel. Being a preacher that was commissioned by Almighty God in heaven, I realised that truly we can not judge those who say there are Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone called by God has a unique experience that no two people can share, except the one called! Who are we therefore to decide whom God has called? The Bible says that by their fruits we shall know them. So let us not be quick to judge, so that we don’t fall into the same judgement.



The revelation God gave to me after my wife and I prayed asking to know who TB Joshua is, confirmed this man as a servant of the Most High God. In TB Joshua, I saw the Prophet Jeremiah, who was always on the opposite camp of the Prophets of the land. His words touched nerves that saw him as a threat and are willing to do anything to silence him. The religious group were never comfortable because he did what many could not do, demonstrating beyond human understanding the power in the anointed Word of God. Taking the Word to a spiritual reality far removed from this earth plain. Prophet Jeremiah suffered many afflictions, but he was steadfast in his calling and gifts. The depth of his teaching, miracles, signs and wonders, giving and humility broke a threshold many ministers on earth are still struggling with. In TB Joshua, I see Jesus Christ and the rejection he suffered because of the leadership of the Church. As a servant of God through Jesus Christ, TB Joshua looked up to the Father of the fatherless right from infancy. His background lacked a fatherly figure, so as to focus him solely above. It is that focus that has kept him through thick and thin. In him I see the realisation of Isaiah 55: 1-13, because his ministry is from above

Over the years, TB Joshua's giving has inspired many to think less of themselves and more of others. Jesus Christ while on earth gave not only himself but all that he had, because of the love he had for us his brothers and sisters. His words in Matt 25 about the separation of the sheep from the goats should be enough to provoke the godly nature in us to share with one another regardless of race, tribe and religion.

Read my experience when I visited  SCOAN in  2009, 2010 and 2011. What is it that makes the church worth visiting?



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